About Me

My name is Jack. I’ve been a tech enthusiast my whole life, I enjoy gaming, and I love to tinker. After finding the awesome community around retro gaming hardware modding, I knew I found something I could get into. I started this site as a way to document some of the things I work on, and opened up a shop to sell some of the mods that I complete.

Some Thoughts

  • I’m a perfectionist. Seriously. I’m not at all about subpar work, and I won’t sell something in my shop that I wouldn’t want to buy myself.
  • This isn’t a business. This is a hobby, and the shop is my way of financing it.
  • I love to learn and try new things. If you have any suggestions, HMU.
  • I’m not doing anything made-to-order at the moment, but if I’m ever in a position where I can carry a true inventory of parts I’ll consider it.
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