Blue & Pink GBA (IPS, New Capacitors, 1W Speaker)


This GBA was stripped down completely, thoroughly inspected, and cleaned/restored. The motherboard was then rigorously tested before being fully rebuilt using:

  • Funnyplaying IPS LCD v2 (10 level brightness control using Select + L/R)
  • Upgraded 1W Speaker
  • “Tiffany Blue” shell designed specifically for the 3.2″ IPS LCD
  • White holographic tempered glass lens
  • Pink buttons & membranes

*Game/batteries not included

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Everyone is doing this color combo since funnyplaying released the “Tiffany Blue” shell, so I took a stab at it. Aesthetically, nothing is different about mine, but I can attest to the fact that this hits all of my super high quality standards, and all mods were done carefully and with quality parts. I stared with a great quality system (read: not a junk system like many modders choose to keep price down!). I replaced every capacitor (regardless of original system mileage, capacitors leak and have other issues over time – it’s important to start fresh)! I replaced the old speaker with a new speaker, and I topped it off with a funnyplaying v2 IPS screen with brightness adjustment. It came out great!

If you want to get back to your old Game Boy/ Color / Advance collection in style, this is for you!

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 2 in

Game Boy Advance


Pink, Tiffany Blue


-Funnyplaying IPS LCD v2 (10 level brightness control using Select + L/R)
-Retrosix CleanAmp v1.1 Audio Amplifier
-CleanJuice Game Boy Advance (V1.1) Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Module
-Upgraded 1W Speaker
-Retrosix prestige shell designed specifically for the 3.2" IPS LCD
-Holographic glass lens
-Retrosix prestige buttons and new silicone membranes

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