Custom Game Boy Advance


It’s here! A custom GBA, just the way you like it! When this option is up, I’ll be able to ship your GBA within a week. Full description can be found below!

The best way to know when I’m adding this option is to follow my socials. I’ll always try to give some notice before making this option live.


Base Options (already better than most)

I start each custom Game Boy Advance off with an extremely thorough testing, cleaning, and restoring. Extremely thorough. This includes a full capacitor replacement. Yes, a full capacitor replacement for every unit. Why? Well, the system is 20 years old! Nintendo used good capacitors, but capacitors don’t last forever. I want yours to last as long as possible, so I replace each one with brand new high quality capacitors.

For now, I’m exclusively using retrosix prestige shells. I’m always very careful about screen alignment, but the retrosix shell, along with a 3D printed bracket, ensure a perfect alignment every time. I’m also replacing original buttons and silicone. Some people prefer the original silicone, so if you would like, I’m happy to use original membranes – just send me a note with your order. I will find the best quality option I have available (I have a lot, and can always find some that feel good).

Every unit also receives the latest funnyplaying IPS v2 kit with 10 levels of brightness (adjust via Select + L/R). It’s a beautiful screen and it makes the Game Boy Advance feel modern. Sound is also really important, so I replace the old speaker with a brand new 1W speaker. Finally each unit is furnished with a tempered glass lens with holographic logo. It not only looks cool, but it is much more durable than the original plastic lens. This is just $185, which is comparable to prices I’ve seen from sellers who use poor quality motherboards, don’t restore at all, don’t replace capacitors, don’t use high quality shells, have poor screen alignment, and use the old original speaker. Seems like a pretty good deal to me!

Customization Options

Amplified Audio: Some people want louder sound. The problem? The GBA is a pretty noisy system. Even a clean system will have a fair amount of static that an amplifier will amplify. Here’s how I address this issue: first, all of the capacitors are all brand new. This helps. A lot! Second, I use a high quality Class D Amplifier. Finally, I add a special kit designed to remove remaining static. This combination provides the best, cleanest, and loudest sound output I’ve found. There are two options here: the base amplified audio, and an even louder option.

Rechargeable USB-C Battery: The name says it all. This option adds a 1700 mAH battery with USB-C charging. The charging port is machine cut and looks perfect.


Clear Black, Solid White

Amplifier & Dehumm

No, Yes-Base, Yes-Louder

LiPo Battery & USB-C Charging

No, Yes

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