Famitsu Style Game Boy Pocket (IPS, New Speaker, Voltage Regulator, New Capacitors)


I love the famitsu-style Game Boy Pockets. This one with white buttons came out great. It feels awesome. It has the funnyplaying retropixel screen, touch color control, properly functioning dim wheel, new speaker, and a voltage regulator (tested working with an everdrive). I also installed a cool rear-facing LED so you can keep an eye on battery life (my one issue with this style is the lack of LED, so I fixed it on my version by adding a discrete LED that is viewable from the side and back).

If you intend to play your old Game Boy collection or try out your flash cart without the bulk of an original Game Boy, grab your AAAs, this one is for you!

*Tested using an Everdrive GB x7.

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This GBP was stripped down completely, thoroughly inspected, and cleaned/restored. The motherboard was then rigorously tested before being fully rebuilt using:

  • Funnyplaying IPS LCD (Built in touch sensor allows adjustment of screen color)
  • A custom aftermarket clear shell
  • Tempered glass Famitsu style lens
  • All new capacitors
  • 5V Step Up Voltage Regulator
  • Custom Blue LED
  • Brand new 1W speaker
  • Custom buttons and new silicone membranes

*Game and batteries not included

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