GBA Split Series 1: Red & Clear


I always loved the N64 consoles with different top/bottom shells. This is my attempt to take the concept to the GBA and I really love the way they came out. Both consoles are really clean. In addition to my “base” mods (funnyplaying IPS v2 with brightness control, full cleaning including disassembling the power switch, new capacitors, new speaker), I also added class d amplifiers and the “power cleaner” mod. I didn’t stop there, though… I wanted these to really stand out, so I broke out my glasses for some intricate soldering work and changed the power LED to blue. The low power/red light still functions normally, but the green power LED is now blue. They look and feel FANTASTIC.

My hope is that these will be purchased together. Have a gaming buddy? Brother? Sister? Friend? Enemy? Pick these up to express your handheld connection! Add both of these to cart and use code SPLIT for a special discount for keeping these two together!

  • Thoroughly disassembled and cleaned
  • Performed high quality capacitor replacement
  • Replaced stock screen with Funnyplaying IPS LCD v2 (10 level brightness control using Select + L/R)
  • Added a Class D amplifier and the power cleaner mod to both turn and clean the sound up
  • Replaced the speaker with a high-quality replacement
  • Replaced the stock green power LED with a blue power LED
  • Housed in a custom aftermarket shell designed specifically for the 3.2″ IPS LCD (split shell colors for unique look)
  • Replaced stock lens with holographic glass lens
  • Replaced stock buttons and pads with custom buttons and new silicone membranes

Red Front/ Clear Back, Clear Front/ Red Back

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