Green & Gold Game Boy Color (IPS, Gold LED, 1W Speaker, New Capacitors)


Note: I’ve dropped this unit to my closeout price, so no further coupons/discounts apply!

This GBC was stripped down completely, thoroughly inspected, and cleaned/restored. The motherboard was then rigorously tested before being fully rebuilt using:

  • Funnyplaying IPS LCD (Built in touch sensor for brightness control)
  • Tempered Glass Lens
  • A custom aftermarket clear shell (Green) and buttons/silicone (Gold)
  • All new capacitors
  • Custom Gold LED
  • Brand new 1W speaker

*Game and batteries not included

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This Clear Green & Gold Game Boy Color is perfect! I used a clear green shell with clear gold buttons – an excellent combo! I replaced all capacitors to make sure the system continues to operate without power or age-related capacitor issues (failure, leaking, etc.). I decided to replace the stock/red LED with gold to match the buttons, and I replaced the old speaker with a new one. Finally, I replaced the screen with a funnyplaying IPS screen with brightness adjustment.

If you intend to play your old Game Boy/ Color collection without the bulk of an original Game Boy, grab your AAs, this one is for you!

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