Split Clear & Clear Orange


My latest split series console features a clear face and clear orange back. Orange silicone membranes and classic grey buttons complete the look! This unit is loaded with a class d amplifier, and I did the power cleaner mod to clean up the sound. As always, I replaced all SMD capacitors and the speaker, and used a Funnyplaying IPS v2 screen with brightness control.

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  • Thoroughly disassembled and cleaned
  • Performed high quality capacitor replacement
  • Replaced stock screen with Funnyplaying IPS LCD v2 (10 level brightness control using Select + L/R)
  • Added a Class D amplifier and the power cleaner mod to both turn and clean the sound up
  • Replaced the speaker with a high-quality replacement
  • Housed in a custom aftermarket shell designed specifically for the 3.2″ IPS LCD (split, clear front, clear orange back)
  • Replaced stock lens with holographic glass lens
  • Replaced stock buttons and pads with custom buttons and new silicone membranes

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